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Certification Courses

Leadership Courses

Leading in Workgroups & Teams:

  • Demonstrating Effective Teamwork/Interpersonal Behaviors
  • Composing Effective Groups/Teams
  • Assigning Tasks/Roles/Goals Effectively
  • Group/Team Decision Making & Problem Solving
  • Facilitating Group/Team Planning/Feedback Meetings & Briefings
  • Facilitating Positive Group/Team Processes (e.g., Coordination, Information)

Leading in Multiteam Systems & Networks:

  • Building & Maintaining Powerful Networks/Multiteam Systems
  • Managing/Leveraging Network/Multiteam System Diversity (any type)
  • Leveraging Strong & Weak Network Ties
  • Leveraging Network Roles/Positions/Structures
  • Planning & Coordinating in Multiteam Systems/Networks
  • Building Shared Cognition in Multiteam Systems/Networks
  • Boundary Spanning & Brokering in Multiteam Systems/Networks

Developing & Maintaining a Workplace Culture/Climate:

  • Continuous Learning Culture
  • Culture of Innovation/Creativity
  • Culture of Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Positive Culture
  • Culture of Fun
  • Participative/Open Culture
  • Culture Promoting Organizational Justice
  • Ethical Culture
  • High-Reliability/Safety Culture
  • Culture of Civility/Good Citizenship
  • Culture Promoting Environmental Sustainability/Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience

Influencing & Inspiring Others:

  • Strategic Decision Making/Problem Solving/Planning
  • Assessing and Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Reading Others/Self-Monitoring/Emotion Regulation
  • Communicating your Ideas/Persuading Others (in writing or orally)
  • Using Non-Verbal Communication Effectively/Conveying an Executive Presence
  • Negotiating Effectively
  • Initiating & Managing Change/Growth
  • Identifying & Integrating Innovations from External Sources
  • Transformational/Charismatic Leadership

Management Courses

Managing & Developing Self & Career:

  • Obtaining/Utilizing Feedback & Engaging in Self-Reflection
  • Personal/Professional Goal Setting
  • Career Planning/Development
  • Transitioning from a Technical to a Leadership Role
  • Developing Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Managing Time/Competing Demands
  • Managing Job Strain/Work-Life Balance/Emotional Labor

Enhancing Employee Well-Being & Performance:

  • Conducting Employee Selection Interviews to Enhance Fit
  • Setting Goals/Priorities for Employees
  • Designing Tasks/Jobs to Enhance Employee Outcomes
  • Evaluating Employee Performance Accurately
  • Providing Effective Performance Feedback
  • Obtaining/Utilizing Employee Input
  • Increasing Positive Employee Job Attitudes (e.g., Satisfaction, Commitment, Engagement)
  • Increasing Employee Motivation to Learn/Perform
  • Managing Employee Job Strain/Work-Life Balance
  • Mentoring/Coaching/Developing Employees
  • Developing Productive Leader-Member Exchange Relationships

Exchange/Communication, Back-Up Behavior)

  • Managing Negative Group/Team Processes (e.g., Conflict)
  • Fostering Positive Group/Team States (e.g., Cohesion, Efficacy)
  • Fostering Shared Cognition in Groups/Teams
  • Enhancing Group/Team Flexibility/Adaptability/Self-Correction
  • Dealing with the Challenges of Virtual/Distributed Groups/Teams
  • Managing/Leveraging Group/Team Diversity (any type)
  • Participating in Shared/Collective Leadership

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