Here is a sampling of our client testimonials. We hope to earn your testimonial soon.

BOBCAT Academy's instructors are amazingly knowledgeable and personable training professionals. They have a unique mix of technical and soft skills that helped all of the class attendees clearly understand the subject matter. They used their personal experiences and tips learned through their time as trainers to prepare us with invaluable information that helped me pass the PMP exam just weeks after attending his course!

- J. Avellan, PMP®

The facilitator knew how to bring things out of us, she got some to participate that normally didn’t participate.

- J. Pierce

I passed the PMP exam on my 1st attempt after attending BOBCAT Academy's Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Course and I would recommend this company anytime. They have a fresh approach and maintained a clear well-thought out curriculum. They inspired me with their confidence and "can do" mentality.

-A. Sewell, PMP®

After taking BOBCAT Academy's PMP prep class I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt. BOBCAT Academy provides a road map to the material and personal insights that aided in my understanding. I would highly recommend any class taught by this company.

- T. Jones, PMP®

If everyone listens and pays attention during BOBCAT Academy's PMP Prep Exam class then follows through and uses their study exam guidelines, everyone will pass the PMP exam their first time.

- D. Lopez, PMP®

The instructor was very professional and very involved with the class.

- J. Brown

BOBCAT Academy is the reason I have my PMP.  After the class, they kept in touch to ensure there were no questions and followed up right until successful certification. If you're looking for someone to help you with attaining your PMP, BOBCAT Academy is your choice!

- K. Bankston, PMP®